Wedding Ring Guide


Wedding rings represent love and commitment. Before deciding on what rings to get there are few considerations that need to be made. With this guide, our mission is to help you find a perfect set of rings that will reflect your individual style and devotion to each other.

The most traditional wedding ring style is a plain gold or platinum band. However, recently it has become popular to chose rings that are set with precious gemstones or diamonds. We carry a wide range of different styles, shapes and sizes. You have many options for how can to pair and wear your rings.

Women's Rings

The Perfect Match

Most women wear their rings together and choose a matching set, engagement and a wedding ring. If your engagement ring features a center gemstone, the wedding ring is indented so that the two rings fit flush with each other. With this style, we usually match the precious metal, stones, details/aesthetic of your engagement ring. An added benefit to this is both rings will wear and be maintained the same over time.

Unique Combination

If you're more fashion forward or if you want a more unique look you may choose a distinctive combination of wedding/engagement rings. This is also a great option if you're considering wearing your rings on separate hands or if you want to wear your wedding ring by itself.

Simple Wedding Band

Classic Ring

If you lead a busy lifestyle, classic plain gold or platinum rings are a great choice. These rings are comfortable and low maintenance. We offer a range of widths to make it easy to compliment your engagement ring and style.

Eternity Band

Eternity Band

Eternity Bands feature a perfectly matched set of diamonds that go around your finger. These rings are very fashionable and make a bold statement of your love. It's worth mentioning that eternity bands are difficult to resize so be sure to get the right size.

Eternity Band

Vintage Wedding Ring

Nothing says unique like a vintage or antique wedding ring. We carry one of the largest collections of hand selected vintage / antique rings to fit any style or budget.


Today there are more choices when it comes to purchasing men's wedding ring. While most people still go with the traditional gold or platinum ring you may choose to get a ring that complements your fiancé's ring or a ring that better fits your style.

Some of the modern rings have a brushed or hammered finish. Additionally, titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten have became popular material choice. These more modern rings have became popular in part due to their durability and because they're less susceptible to wear and tear. However, they can not be sized. When you need a larger or smaller size you would need a new ring. Rings made of precious metals can be sized and therefore can last you a lifetime.


To complete your ring you may engrave the inside of your rings. Some ideas to consider are: a monogram of your initials, your names, your wedding date, or a favorite quote.

Finally, we can resize your ring if it's a little loose or tight. One time sizing is free with your purchase.