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Will You Buy My Jewelry And Watches?

We buy any fine jewelry of any age and in any condition including wedding sets, diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, stick pins, watches, pocket watches, coins, brooches, diamond jewelry and any loose diamonds or colored gemstones. We specialize in gold and platinum jewelry. If and when you want to sell your jewelry we pay the highest prices possible for your diamonds, fine jewelry, coins and watches.

How Do I Get A Fair Price?

Our responsibility is to determine the fair market value of your items and quote you accordingly on an outright purchase price. We strive to offer the highest possible price we can and still allow ourselves a fair profit for our services. Some things may have value far beyond your expectations. Other items may have more of a sentimental value rather than a cash value. Remember to only sell to a company with a long history of dealing with Estate Jewelry and make sure they are established as a reputable business in the industry. We at Romans Jewelry have been in business for 37 years and are the largest estate jewelry dealer in our area.

How Long Does It Take?

You can either bring the item(s) to us or send it safely by U.S. Mail Registered and Insured Print Purchase Evaluation Form . Contact us for directions or instructions on how to box and mail your items. As soon as we receive your items we will evaluate them on the spot. We will identify the gems and metals along with any hallmarks, note the condition and classify the style and period or age. From this information we will be able to share with you our best purchase price. This is the amount we offer to pay immediately based on the current market prices of diamonds, gold, platinum, etc.

Is What You Pay The Same As My Appraisal?

It is a jewelry industry policy to appraise nearly every item at its duplication cost. This is referred to as an Insurance Appraisal. This assures the customer that the item can be replaced if ever lost or stolen. However this practice doesn't take into account that jewelry styles change and items become worn from use. Jewelry is made of gold or platinum and precious stones. These components will always have some value, but frequently the piece has gone out of style. The insurance appraisal is important in identifying the components of your jewelry. Please bring it with you or send any paperwork that you may already have pertaining to your items. However, this usually does not reflect the actual Fair Market Value of the items. A Fair Market Value is a realistic evaluation of the true worth in the current market based on all the facts. This is the basis for the prices that we pay.

Perception Of Price Is Critical

We find that it is the perception of price that usually decides whether we are successful in buying an item from a client. The price we must pay depends on objectively determined factors-including the quality, size, rarity, and marketability of the item. If an Appraisal has imparted an unrealistic idea of value, a customer will never sell. No one will be able to meet their expectation. On the other hand, we buy nearly everything that is offered to us by people who have a correct understanding of the value of their items.

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