Clock Repairs


A common misconception is that clocks are built to run forever and require no maintenance. This is simply not the case. Mechanical clocks are precision instruments and require regular maintenance and lubrication to keep accurate time. We recommend servicing your mechanical clock every 4-6 years.

We are experienced in repairing any kind of mechanical clock, music box or other mechanical movement piece. In addition, we replace quartz movements and repair newer fashion clocks.

For mechanical pieces we start with a complete disassembly of the movement. After this we determine which bushings need to be replaces and/or if the clock needs any other repairs. After a thorough ultrasonic and steam cleaning we oil and reassemble the clock, run tests and adjust it for up to to a week.

With over 60 years of combined experience under our belt you can rest assured that your timepiece will be professionally repaired and will be running accurately. Most clock services come with a two year warranty.

We also perform watch repairs